Courses Taught


Critical Thinking (Online)

  • Harrison College (SU12, FA12)

General Introduction to Philosophy

  • University of Missouri (SU12, FA12, FA14, FA15)

Introduction to Ethics (Online)

  • Moberly Area Community College (FA12, SP13)

Logic & Reasoning

  • University of Missouri (SP13, FA14)

Reasoning & Argumentation

  • Southern Illinois University—Edwardsville (FA21, SP22, FA22, SP23)

Applied Ethics

Bioethics (Online)

  • Moberly Area Community College (SP13)

Business Ethics (Online)

  • University of Missouri (SU11)

Business Ethics

  • University of Oklahoma (FA17, SP18)

  • Christopher Newport University (FA16, SP17)

  • University of Missouri (SP13)

Engineering Ethics

  • Ohio State University (FA18, SP19, FA19, SP20)

Medical Ethics

  • University of Missouri (SP14)

  • Southern Illinois University—Edwardsville (FA21)

Medical Ethics/Bioethics (Online)

  • Moberly Area Community College (SP13)

  • Southern Illinois University—Edwardsville (FA21, SU22, FA22)

Upper Level/Graduate

Graduate Seminar in Epistemology

  • University of Oklahoma (SP18)

Modern Philosophy

  • Christopher Newport University (FA16)

Philosophy of Language

  • Christopher Newport University (SP17)

Theory of Knowledge

  • Southern Illinois University—Edwardsville (SP23)

Student Comments

From recent anonymous student evaluations

  • Hands down one of the best instructors I have had in my 4 years here at OSU. He was clear, engaging, and caring, and I would recommend him to anyone! Prof. Smart made this class informative and entertaining, and honestly the method he used for teaching the class should be used more often in classes at OSU. The team based learning was actually really helpful, and it also helped me stay engaged during class by giving me a chance to share my ideas with a small group 2 or 3 times a class. Overall, Prof Smart was an excellent professor and I’m glad I got to take his class. (Engineering Ethics, SP19)

  • Professor Smart was my favorite teacher this semester. It’s noticeable when you get an instructor that really puts their all into the curriculum and teaching methods, and tries to connect to their students. When the school underwent a state of emergency, he was the first instructor to reach out to me; this was greatly appreciated as it took almost all of the extended spring break for many of the others to say anything in regards to their classes. I wish I could offer constructive criticism, but I’d be fishing. I’m extremely thankful to have had such an organized and professional instructor for this course. (Engineering Ethics, SP20)

  • Dr. Smart did an incredible job of engaging our class and challenging each of us to critically examine our lives and our future professions through the lens of ethical standards. He was by far the best instructor I had at rapidly adapting his course to distant learning while simultaneously maximizing its educational value/effectiveness. (Engineering Ethics, SP20)